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Accepted ideas
« on: 11 August 2009, 21:20:12 »
  • This is a post with a list of ideas that are accepted and will be added to the galaxytool somewhen.
    I will add the link to the discussion thread if available.
    Strikethrough means it is already implemented and will be available with next release ( 5.2 ).
High Priority
  • nothing yet
Medium Priority
  • save the admin status of a player (is inside galaxyview and OGame API), so these can be filtered out when searching for players (espaicially for the search of players who did not increase their points)
  • use auction online times to add to activity in gtool
  • Show IPM ranges at playerinformation page
  • Show the player status (bandit, emperor, etc.) in the Galaxy, in the search results and in the pop-up espionage reports.
  • When you save a search in Search in Reports, save also the currently selected visible columns and by which column to sort the results, since they are often different for the different searches on wishes to perform.
Low Priority
  • Check if it is possible to have something like "biggest fleet during last X days" at playerinformation page to get an idea about the fleet size of a player even if the fleet is hidden at all current scans
  • Sort Alliance Statistics Page also for average values as it is done ingame
  • make it possible to re-request the activation mail for a Galaxytool account (in case someone deleted the mail by accident), also offer users with user management permissions the oppurtunity to send a new activation mail to users that didn't approve their mail address yet (so they can force someone to click on the link in the mail)
  • improve player/alliance status system: click
  • Integrate Data from the Galaxytool into the OGame pages - will need changes at the GT and at the Add-On and should be only for those, who donated some money at the galaxytool-hosting (to cover the server costs) or use an own server
  • Try to find a way to show players which increased their scores the most in a given timeframe
  • Update player techs based on combat reports
  • Option to delete player activities for specific players at stats page options menu for admin user link
  • Show total number of resources at playerinformation page
  • add option to give standard permissions to new registered users automatically
  • add temperature and planet sizes (for own planets only) to the tool
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Re: Accepted ideas
« Reply #1 on: 23 November 2010, 19:32:32 »
Collection for improving fleet movement page:


  • for acs-fleets: make it possible to simulate the whole acs-fleet, instead of using every single fleet done for Dragosim; Speedsim not possible atm
  • show, who uploaded which fleet
  • besides, make it possible to add defense from espionage reports, same with techs (in acs for every attacker) when simulating -> use a forwarding page to keep server load low
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Re: Accepted ideas
« Reply #2 on: 27 January 2012, 22:22:23 »
XML-Changes for the Toolbar:

  • all OGame player ids and alliance ids can be made "required"
  • allow sending two activities tag per position (planet + moon)
  • allow to send the outlaw status (o) and store it
  • use the Ogame allyid (can be "required") to determine the correct alliance and in order to fix this bug: 0000575
  • allow to send and to store the number of ships (next to the amount of military points)
Ingame Messages:
  • send the player id also at the receiver (=own player id)
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