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How to translate the Galaxytoolbar
« on: 27 February 2011, 16:22:22 »
First of all, you should take a look into the Overview of the translations. There you can check, if there are untranslated sentences in your language.

If there are translations necessary, take a look into the corresponding thread. There you will see 2 "spoilers" (galaxyplugin.dtd and If the filename on top of the spoiler is not green printed, there are untranslated sentences inside the spoiler.
The untranslated sentences inside the spoiler are bolded, so you will easily find them.

The translations must be like this:
  • gt_error.statssort=Stats sorted in a wrong way!
  • gt_error.statssort=translated_sentence
So you only have to translate the sentences behind the =.

For a space at the end/or in the beginning, you have to add one dot:
  • gt_statsupdated.scoreinfix=Score-Stats .
  • gt_statsupdated.scoreinfix=your_translation .
If you need one dot at the end of the sentence, you have to add two dots.
  • gt_error.missing_techs_confirmation=Click on the OK-Button and the techtree will open in a new window. After that reload this page and try again..
  • gt_error.missing_techs_confirmation=Translated_sentence_with_one_dot_at_the_end..

 The galayplugin.dtd-translation:
  • <!ENTITY "Galaxytool Toolbar">
  • <!ENTITY "translated_words">
So you have to translate only the words inside the quotes.

About the "combat report abbreviations - ogame.xx" translations

You see lines like

"L.Fighter": "Light Fighter",

where the left part is the abbreviation and the right part is the full English name. To translate it, you need one or more combat reports, that contain all ships/defenses. If you have them, then copy the abbreviations and replace the corresponding English abbreviations. Leave the full names untranslated! So in our example, we replace L.Fighter by V. Usor. In the end, it looks like this:

"V. Usor": "Light Fighter",

Do that for all ships/defenses.

After translating all the lines you want to translate, create an answer in the corresponding thread. We will re-check your translation (only syntax-checks), add it to our SVN repository and update the first post in this thread.
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