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Compatibility with another tool
« on: 03 January 2011, 07:55:27 »
There is a script for GreaseMonkey, called Tools_Ogame_Tech_Max_Lvl, which puts and indicator of the limits of the "dead-end" technologies. For instance, if the player's Plasma Technology is developed to Level 6, the script would put 6/7 there, indicating that there is no point researching it above the 7th level.

Unfortunately, the Galaxytool plug-in is way too liberal with the number it finds there - it just removes everything that is not a digit and treats the result as a number. The consequence is that in the above example it would put "67" in the database, instead of "6".

Now, I understand that you can't afford to support all kinds of third-party tools because you have no control on what their authors might put there - but wouldn't it be possible to parse only the first number (i.e., a sequence of digits, delimited by non-digits) that you find there? Alternatively, maybe you could suggest what the author of this tool should put there, in order not to confuse your plug-in?