Author Topic: Getting homeworld info from statics page???  (Read 2453 times)


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Getting homeworld info from statics page???
« on: 07 August 2010, 06:26:28 »
From the players statistics page -

you can click on a players name and it redirects you to galaxy view at their home world galaxy/solar system.
This is the extracted element tag -
<a href="index.php?page=galaxy&amp;session=xxxxxxx&amp;galaxy=2&amp;system=150&amp;position=7">playername/a>
ie - playername has their homeworld 2-150-7

My request is to parse this pages elements and get the above info and send it to GT with the player stats (stats.js) as coordinates to populated the planet database.

And in GT, have a flag to designate a planet as a "homeworld" (then maybe list it with a "HW" in galaxy view in GT or highlight it)

Benefits -
1. At the start of uni's you could get a quick planet layout (even before you can produce deut).
2. Knowing where to check after server kick for login activity by looking up the player in GT.

The work required is prolly more than the benefits, thought I'd ask anyway, may give someone else an idea too.


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Re: Getting homeworld info from statics page???
« Reply #1 on: 07 August 2010, 13:01:14 »
Is already in work...