Author Topic: More with "number of ships"!  (Read 1513 times)

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More with "number of ships"!
« on: 13 October 2014, 22:52:40 »
On each player's "Details" tab there is a description of the military/defence points. Currently looks like this:

Code: [Select]
Military Points Rank: 1119 Score 42.411
Honour points Rank: 94 Score 79.930
Military build Rank: 332 Score 3.805.300
Military destroyed Rank: 145 Score 1.034.698
Military lost Rank: 86 Score 3.894.859
Number of ships 0
Defence score 3.930

Is it possible to be able to, under Statistics > Military points, be able to see the current # of ships and defence score for each player?
And then, of course, the next step would be to add those options to the search page - then instead of only being able to restrict your search to players with a fleet rank from 1-100 (which could very well be 80% turtles for sake of argument) you could filter a search by the 100 largest fleets...

Thanks for all the work you guys do!