Author Topic: Galaxytool for Ogame - like browsergames?  (Read 3672 times)

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Galaxytool for Ogame - like browsergames?
« on: 12 June 2009, 11:53:09 »
The following ideas have been brought to our attention:

This is a far fetched question, but I thought only to try.

Would it be possible to get GTool to work with IWCGame?
IWCGame is just like Ogame, but the speed is 20x.

Only thing that I can get to work in GTool with IWC is if I do a copy and paste of each galaxy and insert in GTool DB.

I would like the auto feed feature to work.

Thank you.

If this is possible I to play Ogalaxy which is similar to Ogame but speed uni and have a Galaxytool setup for it but cant get toolbar to work. If this is possible it would be apreciated.
both from:

The simple anser is: no There will be no such extensions / features. Mainly because the design of those games tends to change rapidly and because their number and diversity is too high. Also prividing a way to upload for those games would  probably result in the banning of Galaxytool for real Ogamers. Feel however free to design your own plugin compatible with other games.
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