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Feature request
« on: 13 June 2009, 20:46:37 »
As it currently is, there is no easy way of executing a search like this: "find all the inactive players that are not in vacation mode and sort them by decreasing order of rank". The search is useful, because its results lets you concentrate on those inactives that are more likely to be "rich".

I see two possible ways of implementing it:

1) Currently, in Statistics, if I check only the "Inactive:" checkbox, all the inactives will be listed - even those in vacation mode and even if I do not check the "vacation mode" checkbox. Make it so that only those players are listed, for whom the flags corresponding to the checkboxes are set. Drawback - there won't be a way to implement an "OR" function. For instance, I won't be able to list all players who are either inactive or on vacation (or both).

2) In Search, the results can be sorted by coordinates, player name or alliance name. Make it also possible to sort them by player rank, player fleet rank, alliance rank and alliance fleet rank.


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Re: Feature request
« Reply #1 on: 14 June 2009, 19:30:56 »
Hi bontchev,

I will check your suggestion. But I think the second approach will not work sufficient with MySQL. SORT BY normally just works fine if you have a corresponding index for your search request. Otherwise the search results may be sorted with "filesort".
I will check this with EXPLAIN before writing something like that.

A javascript resorting will not bring too much, unless you are able to restrict the results to a meaningful value and you set about 100 resultrows in your options. This could be a third option which could be useful in case you can restrict the results good enough. (e.g. inactives in 2:100 - 2:250)