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Error: No Content
« on: 02 September 2009, 18:43:47 »
What is "No Content" error when trying to send spy reports? What causes it and is there a remedy?

Please, need an answer.

EDIT: Oh, You have to have enabled the, don't know how to translate this, but to show all spyreports.
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Re: Error: No Content
« Reply #1 on: 16 September 2009, 09:28:28 »
By making a right-click somewere in the browser go on Galaxytool Plugin > GTP Options and in the tab Plugin Options make sure you have mark the box Send Spy reports, also by right clicking in the message section where you have the spy reports you can simply get in GT Plugin and click Reed spy reports from the site.

If this isnt the case maybe you are hiding the spy reports text, like with Neogame, where you can choose to show the spy reports reduced