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How to translate the Galaxytool
« on: 27 February 2011, 16:18:55 »
First of all, you should take a look into the Overview of the translations. There you can check, if there are untranslated sentences in your language.

If there are translations necessary, take a look into the corresponding thread. There you will see a lot of "spoilers". If the headline on top of the spoiler is not green printed, there are untranslated sentences inside the spoiler.
The untranslated sentences inside the spoiler are bolded, so you will easily find them.

The sentences there look like that:
  • define("MESSAGES_DELETE","Delete message");
To translate that sentence, you have to translate only the things inside the second quotes:
  • define("MESSAGES_DELETE","Your translation here");

It could happen, that there are sentences, without the second quotes:
  • define("COMBATS_YES",SHOW_YES);
Here you don't have to translate anything - simply copy&paste the line into your answer.

Besides it could happen, that there are sentences like that:

  • define("MESSAGES_PUBLISH_HEADER","&sender sent a message to &recipient on &date:\n\n &message"); // &sender, &recipient, &date, &message replaced at runtime
Here you have to make sure, that the variables &sender, &recipient, &date and &message are inside your translation and at the correct place (so the word order makes sense in your language). Don't  translate the variables, but only the text around them. They will be replaced at runtime from the Galaxytool, so in this example, the Galaxytool would make from the sentence above the following:

  • eX0du5 sent a message to Omar Hawk on 2011-02-27:\n\n Nice to meet you!

After translating all the lines you want to translate, create an answer in the corresponding thread. We will re-check your translation (only syntax-checks), add it to our SVN repository and update the first post in this thread.

Besides, you can always download the latest language files here:
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