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Sorting by mines lvls
« on: 04 December 2010, 15:12:49 »
I was dreaming about GT sorting espionage reports by level of mines levels.

<en|wikiuser_49>: hi
<MadMad>: hi en|wikiuser_49
<en|wikiuser_49>: is therre option to find the most profitable idlers?
<en|wikiuser_49>: i mean with the highest mines
<un1matr1x>: highest mines != profitable idlers by default
<MadMad>: en|wikiuser_49: you can use the "Search in reports" option...
<en|wikiuser_49>: i know
<en|wikiuser_49>: but it sorts by resources
<MadMad>: but you'll still have to define what your definition of "profitable" mines are
<en|wikiuser_49>: the highest lvls
<MadMad>: if you look for mine levels in the esp report, it will sort them in order of appearance (galaxy & system)
<Omar_Hawk>: "A value greater than 0 means, that at least this amount/level of ressources, ships or whatever is required to be included in the search results. "
<MadMad>: "highest levels" is relative: it changes according to a universes age
<Omar_Hawk>: from our wiki page^
<en|wikiuser_49>: but want to sort by mines, not res on planet
<en|wikiuser_49>: *but want to sort by mines, not by coords
<en|wikiuser_49>: is it possible
<MadMad>: you want additional sorting criteria :)
<en|wikiuser_49>: :)
<MadMad>: meaning you want GT to search for you instead of doing the thinking and filtering manually :)
<en|wikiuser_49>: i think for those ideas GT was created

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Re: Sorting by mines lvls
« Reply #1 on: 09 December 2010, 18:42:50 »
Added it also to our todo-list (priority low), as this might allow you to find possible targets, though there is no recent espionage report available (or the available espionage report doesn't contain resources).

In the meantime you could emulate this behaviour by manually raising the value for mines in the report search step by step.