Author Topic: Report Updates based on scan time  (Read 1166 times)


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Report Updates based on scan time
« on: 21 November 2010, 03:00:20 »
Ive noticed that when i upload a via the firefox addon, regardless of what report was already on the database, it will automaticaly over-ride it and delete the old copy. Even if the old one is missing info that the new scan contains, its not mixed and fitted together.
Since Galaxytool seems smart enough to give an age to the reports based on the scan date, why shouldnt it be able to automaticaly decide that if a report is older than the one on file, it isnt to be used, whereas a newer report should be immediately uploaded.

Other than that, its near perfect.

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Re: Report Updates based on scan time
« Reply #1 on: 21 November 2010, 11:24:14 »
Already implemented for v2.5 ;)

And it will also upload them automatically (so no right-click->Send reports anymore)

EDIT: Just scanned your text - but this will be fixed with the report archive in v4.7, too. ;)

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Re: Report Updates based on scan time
« Reply #2 on: 18 December 2010, 23:01:40 »
The report archive will not be part of version 4.7 but therefore you will get many other nice features :-)
But the archive will then move the reports into an archive table so hat you will have both reports in the Galaxytool.