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Better search conditions needed
« on: 02 September 2009, 13:17:21 »
Currently, when searching in the database, the user interface allows mostly "yes/I don't care" conditions - and not in a very consistent way.

For instance, when searching for "Only Planets with moon", "Only planets with notices" and "Only Planets with reports" the choices can be either "yes" or "I don't care" (which is specified as "no"). Similarly, when selecting player and alliance status, the choices can be only either "include only entries with this attribute set" or "I don't care about this attribute".

You cannot, for instance, perform a search like this: "Find all players that don't have moons, are attackable, but are not inactive and do not belong to alliances that are allied with ours."

IMO, the selectors must have 3 states, instead of 2: 1) the attribute MUST be present, 2) the attribute MUST NOT be present and 3) the contents of the attribute is irrelevant for the search.
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