Author Topic: Allow opening of player info from the Statistics page in a new tab  (Read 1207 times)

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I often use the Statistics page to search for inactive players (Inactive=Inactive, vacation mode=no). When I click on the name of a player listed there, GT shows the information about this player. This is very nice and is almost exactly what I need - except that this information is opened in the same tab, losing the (filtered) statistics page. I would like to Ctrl-click on a player name and open the information page about that player in a new browser tab. Is that reasonably easy to implement?

(The reason why I don't use the Search in Database for this task is because there I can't filter out the long inactives yet, and it returns a long list of planets anyway, while most of the time I am interested just in the player names and the planets of only some of them.)

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Hi bontchev,
please check out the recent version for 5.0 at the beta installation. You can use ctrl+click in the statistics page. But you can also filter them at the search :-)