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Saving expedition results
« on: 21 June 2011, 14:47:58 »
I've hinted about this in the past, but let me be more explicit this time. ;)

Would it be possible for GT to save the reports from the expeditions - as it currently saves the combat reports and the private messages? Especially if the saved reports could be downloaded for custom processing, such a feature would be very useful for determining the profitability of one's expeditions, for determining the probabilities of the various events and so on.

There are a couple of problems that have to be taken into account regarding this issue:
  • Some expeditions result in combat losses. Currently these combat reports from the expeditions are ignored on purpose. Perhaps they should be saved together with the other expedition reports?
  • There are multiple events that can happen during an expedition. To be precise, the expedition can have 32 different results, although they are represented only by 26 different kinds of messages. There is no easy way of recognizing each message type that would be independent from the language of the message. I can find the messages for a few languages (German, English, Russian) but by no means for all of them. It might be better just to save the message as it is and leave it to the user to parse it and to process the results.