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Problems / The future of the Galaxytool-Hosting
« on: 17 September 2016, 23:10:46 »
Hi there,

it has been a long time since I started to host the Galaxytool on a root server for others to use. Free of charge with some ads and the option to donate. This was a big success for quite some time with regards to user numbers and installations. From a money perspective I never made profit in all that years.
Now the years passed by way too fast and the usage of the Galaxytool decreased a lot. From formerly 1000 active installations at the hosting server, we are down to less than 200. Also the number of active users for both browser plugins dropped from over 30.000 to about 10.000. I understand that in times of mobile games OGame is a bit old fashioned :-) Gameforge realized something similar, otherwise they would not have merged so many universes.
To make a long story short: I will shut down at the end of October and suse the my money for other stuff.
If you are one of the last 200 instalations, I strongly recommend to download your data as described at It is hard to find any free hoster for the Galaxytool. I am aware of that. That was the main reason why I rent the root server about 10 years ago.

I also know that this might mean the end of the Galaxytool in general because many will not be able to create a local installation for their clan. But lets see how this evolves.
I am making some minor adjustments to the toolbar if needed but I will not release any new major version of the Galaxytool due to time constraints. Please understand that I am not playing OGame since 2005 and really enjoyed working with the community for a very long time. But as time goes by, me kids grew up and my interests have also changed (e.g. mobile app development).

The Gameforge has also a problem with the API for quite some time which seems not to get fixed any time soon. There is a way to fix this also on Galaxytool side. I will not fix this on the hosting solution for obvious reaons but in case of interest, I can post a fix in this board as reference for others.

Ideas / Storage of column selection in cookie still needed?
« on: 07 January 2014, 22:23:22 »
For clarification how both options would work:

Option 1:
Create a search and trigger the search. Adjust the columns to fit to the search. Save the form data as usual and get the selected columns saved as well.
Open the search page again -> default columns are displayed
Load the previously saved form data -> columns are displayed as they were defined during the save

Option 2:
Create a search and trigger the search. Adjust the columns to fit to the search. Save the form data as usual and get the selected columns saved as well.
Open the search page again -> still the columns of the previous search are displayed
Load the previously saved form data -> columns are displayed as they were defined during the save
You cannot reset to the default columns displayed except by deleting the cookie.

I would prefer option 1 but would like to get your ideas about this as well. So leave a comment if you like.

Ideas / Galaxytool search within notices
« on: 29 November 2011, 21:58:40 »
I would like to know if the search feature is used at all.
It was developed at a time where the notices were per planet but not per player. Now you see the notices per player directly at the player information overview page and there is no need to use the search any more.
If this is the case for most of you, I would remove the search feature.
If you still use it, please leave a comment when you are using it and how it helps you when you work with the Galaxytool.

Ideas / Store complete combat reports
« on: 23 July 2011, 20:25:08 »
Once OGame does not shorten the ship names within the detailed combat report, we plan to offer a save functionality for the detailed combat report too.
Currently we store the most important aspects of the combat reports which is everything you see in the short version of the report.
What we would do with the detailed report:
  • Store the ships/defences of the first round
  • Store the ships/defences of the last round
  • Store player techs of all involved parties

Are there any reasons to store the intermediate combat results? Furthermore does anybody need the information about attacking and absorbing? "Player fires with X, defender absorbs Y"

Storing such detailed information would allow a cost calculation for alliance combats where we could show how much metal, crystal and deuterium were lost for each party.

Ideas / MOVED: Making note of when a player goes inactive
« on: 28 April 2011, 10:17:01 »
This topic has been moved to Ideas.

The topic was not related to the galaxyTOOLBAR :-)

Ideas / MOVED: Previous names
« on: 28 April 2011, 10:16:08 »
This topic has been moved to Ideas.

The topic was not related to the galaxyTOOLBAR :-)

Problems / MOVED: Saved combat reports
« on: 05 April 2011, 21:03:12 »

Ideas / Testing of next toolbar version 2.3 [for Redesign universes]
« on: 14 February 2010, 19:15:41 »

I attached the new Firefox Add-on to this post.
I will release it after a short test period in which you can bring up the problems you face with this version.

What's new:
- you can have more than 5 tools
- new options dialog which allows settings what shall be sent on individual tool level
- correction with universe detection
- new stuff for translation (If you have a locale which is not yet translated, please post the correct translation also here!)

Have fun :-)

EDIT 14th Feb 22:26 CET: - file uploaded again (bugfix for deletion of tools)
EDIT2: 15th Feb 20:24 CET: - file uploaded to remove fixed window size of options dialog and update of some language files
EDIT3: 15th Feb 21:05 CET: - file uploaded to improve exception handling
EDIT4: 19th Feb 19:16 CET: - file uploaded with improved exception handling and new language updates
EDIT5: 23th Feb 21:45 CET: - file uploaded with adjusted language files

EDIT6 by Omar_Hawk: This version is now also available as official release at AMO, there has nothing been changed since 23rd Feb, so users who already downloaded the plugin from here don't have to do anything.

Ideas / Accepted ideas
« on: 11 August 2009, 21:20:12 »
  • This is a post with a list of ideas that are accepted and will be added to the galaxytool somewhen.
    I will add the link to the discussion thread if available.
    Strikethrough means it is already implemented and will be available with next release ( 5.2 ).
High Priority
  • nothing yet
Medium Priority
  • save the admin status of a player (is inside galaxyview and OGame API), so these can be filtered out when searching for players (espaicially for the search of players who did not increase their points)
  • use auction online times to add to activity in gtool
  • Show IPM ranges at playerinformation page
  • Show the player status (bandit, emperor, etc.) in the Galaxy, in the search results and in the pop-up espionage reports.
  • When you save a search in Search in Reports, save also the currently selected visible columns and by which column to sort the results, since they are often different for the different searches on wishes to perform.
Low Priority
  • Check if it is possible to have something like "biggest fleet during last X days" at playerinformation page to get an idea about the fleet size of a player even if the fleet is hidden at all current scans
  • Sort Alliance Statistics Page also for average values as it is done ingame
  • make it possible to re-request the activation mail for a Galaxytool account (in case someone deleted the mail by accident), also offer users with user management permissions the oppurtunity to send a new activation mail to users that didn't approve their mail address yet (so they can force someone to click on the link in the mail)
  • improve player/alliance status system: click
  • Integrate Data from the Galaxytool into the OGame pages - will need changes at the GT and at the Add-On and should be only for those, who donated some money at the galaxytool-hosting (to cover the server costs) or use an own server
  • Try to find a way to show players which increased their scores the most in a given timeframe
  • Update player techs based on combat reports
  • Option to delete player activities for specific players at stats page options menu for admin user link
  • Show total number of resources at playerinformation page
  • add option to give standard permissions to new registered users automatically
  • add temperature and planet sizes (for own planets only) to the tool

Ideas / Report Archive
« on: 16 June 2009, 15:39:56 »

I want to collect some ideas for a feature often requested: store more than one report for coordinates.

I thought about something like a report archive where you can add reports manually or automatically.

But there are some basic questions which I want to discuss with you first:
- How shall reports be inserted to the archive ? I personally do not prefer any automatic things because I could then overwrite existing entries in the archive. Or if there is no limit for the number of reports in the archive it could blow up with reports which are absolutely senseless. (No fleet scanned or only scanned up to resources)
- How could automatic archiving look like ?
- How would you like to see the archive in the galaxytool ? I think it would need a new page just for the archive, but what options would you need to compare them ?

Restrictions from ogame:
- Reports do not have a year in its date yet, therefore I can only guess the year. So if you add any report from 2006, it would be 2008 or 2009 then.
- There is no 100% linkage to a player yet. There is a playername and planetname shown in the report, but both can be changed within ogame. Therefore the Galaxytool cannot be sure to which player a report belongs to. Currently the planetnames are compared only. I will change this as soon as the playername becomes a hyperlink. Then we have a 100% linkage from reports to players.

Ideas / Requirements for next Toolbar
« on: 12 June 2009, 12:35:44 »

I want to collect some ideas for a new version of the Galaxytool Toolbar.
I will provide an updated version for the ogame redesign which will work with the current galaxytool version. Thereafter I will adjust the toolbar and galaxytool to add new features to both of them.

In this thread I want to collect ideas for the new toolbar.
My ideas so far:
- allow more than 5 tools (how many)
- small status bar, just with icons and maybe mouse over text
- check if the provided galaxytool url is really the right galaxytool url
- send more information to the galaxytool (ranks out of the galaxy view)

Ideas / Galaxytool Changelog
« on: 11 June 2009, 22:08:05 »
Here you can see an export from the repository to have an idea what was changed.

Please note that this is not the changlog of the released version but of the SVN build (bleeding edge)

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