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Topic Summary

Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 18 December 2010, 19:44:42 »

The local time of which user in the galaxytool? e.g. One is from Spain, one from Germany and one from Russia.

If we would collect more than one per 15 minutes and you check how often someone was online in the last month on Monday, you might think he is always online on Monday between 20:00 and 21:00 because of multiple entries within that time on the same date. You would not have a normalization on the data.
With our approach you can have at max 30 hits within one month for each  of the quarters between 20:00 and 21:00. Not to forget that these are only indicators but no real information. And the distance between planets say nothing in the time of Galaxytools ;-) I usually scan targets at all his locations to see if he / she is coming online during my attack and to know the complete fleet details at the moment.
Posted by: Un1matr1x
« on: 18 December 2010, 19:30:18 »

It is already limited that way: there can be at max. 4 activity events per 15 minutes: one from galaxyview, one from combat report, one from espionage action, and one from player message.

you might collect the activity from galaxyview more then ones per 15 min ... if the user ABC has a * on every planet within 15 min this might be a good sine that he's active in his account (speacialy if the planets are far away from each other) - so i'd say the number of *s within 15 minutes could also help to decide if a player is/was active and should be displayed (bigger bar, number on that, longer bar ...)

And about the localtime ... why not use a js to calculate the localtime from the given time stored in galaxietool to reduce serverload?
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 18 December 2010, 19:25:42 »

Colors are just a first draft :-)
Same to the query which is printed out on the screen which will be removed later.

I am planning a dropdown to show for "weekday", "weekend", "Monday" till "Sunday". So you can filter whatever you might need.

Keeping the server times would be the easiest part, because otherwise we will get conflicts with the weekday which would have to be calculated each time the database is accessed. Having three people with different timezones in one Galaxytool do not allow saving the results directly in local date and time!

But any other suggestions beside the Layout?
Posted by: Omar Hawk
« on: 17 December 2010, 14:01:26 »

It is already limited that way: there can be at max. 4 activity events per 15 minutes: one from galaxyview, one from combat report, one from espionage action, and one from player message.

We also cared of the time - alle values are saved as OGame time, no matter what AntiGame does. (I asked TarjaTheWitch to  keep the old values in messages; in galaxyview, I take the value directly from the OGame JS-variable)

I also agree with you about the coloring. This should be changed. ;)
Posted by: Jmb
« on: 17 December 2010, 06:27:20 »

Its great, you guys are doing a great Job.

changing the times to the local time zone would be awesome but it does present certain dificuilties.

be careful that if the player is using antigame it moves around the times in the messages sections to its local timezone and so far there is no way put just the messages to the ogame server timezone.

filtering by day would also be great, may be a "array" of check boxes? on for every day of the week, or just complete weekday and weekend.

EDIT, well bontchev got first.

I guess you are right in the activity ... may be some way to limit that? because I its in the same system that Im in every time I go to galaxyview It will show with activity (if he is online), may be limit to one event per quarter hour/day?
Posted by: bontchev
« on: 17 December 2010, 06:18:26 »

1) Change the colors for "Espionage actions"/"Combat reports" - now they are both kinda bluish and it is difficult to distinguish between them.

2) What is the meaning of the vertical scale? Number of events? Does that mean that if a player is active at, say, 12:45 and I look at his planet with activity 5 times, I'll get a longer activity bar than if I look at it 2 times?

3) If you can't adjust the readings for the user's time zone, then put a warning text below the graph "All times are server times!" or something like that.
Posted by: Omar Hawk
« on: 17 December 2010, 00:29:59 »

Okay, some news on this topic, too:

Because the toolbar v2.5 is already finished (except of translations) we are already able to send activity-infos. The Galaxytool is also able to receive and store them. To check the first results of this out, login into Galaxytool Beta:

with test/test

After that, visit this page (it should have the biggest amount of testdata inserted already):

Then go the the Tab "Activities".

What is already planned:
  • possibility to set an interval in which you would like to see the activities DONE
  • possibility to show weekday/weekend (maybe also for each weekday, so as weekday-interval) DONE
  • possibility to adjust to local time (might become difficult or there might be much effort on server side, so we can't promise this, because we'd had to read the whole activity table to get the results in local time...)
  • your ideas?
On top of that, we are saving the player message contents, if they are sent by the toolbar (which is turned off by default), besides we save all short CRs (so only the result of a combat report).

What do you think about that, I'd mainly be interested in your opinion about the Activity-Tab. Is there anything, that you would also like to see (in order to work with these data)?
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 13 October 2010, 08:11:38 »

The graphs may be located at playerinformation.php directly visible for the player.
The alliance / player history shows more than one player which would make the graph confusing.

Regarding testing: join our IRC channel and you will always notice when we do testing :-)
Posted by: Jmb
« on: 08 October 2010, 05:54:00 »

well there could be a link like the one that sends you to the historic overview (the one with the graphs) or you could even insert it in the same page at the bottom of the pages.

this could be extended to alliances too

EDIT: so next release no copy paste ... do you need testing?
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 05 October 2010, 20:25:13 »

Copy and paste is anyway removed from the galaxytool with the next release.
Using the toolbar is more or less the only way to insert data into the GT. This is done because the toolbar will now send reports already translated to the galaxytool.

Back to the topic:
- where would you like to see such information at the current galaxytool pages?
Posted by: Jmb
« on: 04 October 2010, 23:05:00 »

I used the cords only to know who was doing the probing.

my old php script would look up in the galaxytool database and see who was the player of those cords and it would store the date and the id of the player. I also was thinking on using the planet name to "verify" it was the owner. I also added that in the cords there was no player then it would mark an error like "player not found"

right now the problem lies in that the galaxytool galaxy database must be updated frequently (in my alliance we divided the galaxy and each player was responsible of updating one galaxy at least once a week,)

before RD it was easy to update the galaxyviews you just have to keep the arrow key down. now you must hit and release the key.

I was tinking on doing the same with copy paste the reports, but Im thinking on what to do about the times that are modified by antigame, it would not be reliable because I would not know if the players have the time function enable or disabled.
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 04 October 2010, 21:52:51 »

I was once a top ogame player and I need to say that my fleet was never on the same planet / moon for more than 12 hours.
You have your jump gate to jump from moon  to moon within seconds. So I still doubt that the planet information is really useful.
The graph created in this example did not need it.
Try to convince me  8)
Posted by: Jmb
« on: 24 September 2010, 06:28:12 »

It would be a really neat function.

I worked in something some time ago (in a very crude and basic PHP), you pasted there report, it parsed it and searched the gtool database for who owned those coords. It didnt had any user control, nor looked nice with the galaxytool skin, but it did kinda work.

It used to display the data like this:

onlinetimes by Jmb27, on Flickr

the parser doesnt work with redesign, and I stumbled on the problem that if you use Antigame the times change in the reports, so I don't have a reliable way to get all the times that would be useful to all of our alliance members.

I latter tried to make a greasemonkey script, that would do the parsing and then just submit some basic info: date / time, origin coord, planet name.

also it would be good to add an option in the administration part so some older reports can be deleted, something like :   Delete reports [   ] days old.

I originally wanted to use the planet name to be sure that the planet was "know" in gtool.

we need to had a very updated gtool, so we had a member that was in charge of scanning one galaxy each week ...
Posted by: bontchev
« on: 24 September 2010, 05:53:50 »

People usually spy from the planet/moon on which their main fleet is (so that they can attack immediately, without having to switch planets), so the coordinates would be useful, yes.
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 23 September 2010, 22:18:10 »

Just to pick this one up.
Would you need the information from which planet?
In my opinion it would be enough to know player X scanned me or my ally mates at those times: ...