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Problems / Re: Ogame Version 6.3.0
« Last post by eX0du5 on 19 September 2016, 17:16:44 »

it is all quite complicated. The gameforge had a test server U680 which they moved (I got to know this yesterday) and I have no idea how to access it so far. Without an accout, there is no possibility to sort things out ;-)
Problems / Re: The future of the Galaxytool-Hosting
« Last post by superjump on 18 September 2016, 13:20:09 »
I am an old user (and use GalaxyTool sice the beginning).
I just want to thank you for this service that simplified life much.
Have a happy long life! Bye bye  :D
Problems / The future of the Galaxytool-Hosting
« Last post by eX0du5 on 17 September 2016, 23:10:46 »
Hi there,

it has been a long time since I started to host the Galaxytool on a root server for others to use. Free of charge with some ads and the option to donate. This was a big success for quite some time with regards to user numbers and installations. From a money perspective I never made profit in all that years.
Now the years passed by way too fast and the usage of the Galaxytool decreased a lot. From formerly 1000 active installations at the hosting server, we are down to less than 200. Also the number of active users for both browser plugins dropped from over 30.000 to about 10.000. I understand that in times of mobile games OGame is a bit old fashioned :-) Gameforge realized something similar, otherwise they would not have merged so many universes.
To make a long story short: I will shut down at the end of October and suse the my money for other stuff.
If you are one of the last 200 instalations, I strongly recommend to download your data as described at It is hard to find any free hoster for the Galaxytool. I am aware of that. That was the main reason why I rent the root server about 10 years ago.

I also know that this might mean the end of the Galaxytool in general because many will not be able to create a local installation for their clan. But lets see how this evolves.
I am making some minor adjustments to the toolbar if needed but I will not release any new major version of the Galaxytool due to time constraints. Please understand that I am not playing OGame since 2005 and really enjoyed working with the community for a very long time. But as time goes by, me kids grew up and my interests have also changed (e.g. mobile app development).

The Gameforge has also a problem with the API for quite some time which seems not to get fixed any time soon. There is a way to fix this also on Galaxytool side. I will not fix this on the hosting solution for obvious reaons but in case of interest, I can post a fix in this board as reference for others.
Problems / Re: Ogame Version 6.3.0
« Last post by c-128d on 17 September 2016, 09:25:14 »

seit dem Update auf 6.3.0 geht das Einlesen der Galaxyansicht nicht mehr im Firefox. Kann das jemand bestätigen oder ist das nur bei mir so ?


Nur eine Ergänzung  Mit Firefox und Google Chrome bekomme ich  für dieGalaxieansicht leider keine Debug informationen!

Problems / 6.3
« Last post by scorer on 10 September 2016, 20:16:33 »
Ich denke nicht, dass das Tool mit der aktuellen version von ogame funzt

Wenigstens bei uns tut es das ned.
Problems / Re: Ogame Version 6.3.0
« Last post by xdn75 on 08 September 2016, 22:54:31 »
It isn't just you andi-ki. The format of the galaxy view has changed quite a lot, so I think it will need an update for the galaxy toolbar. Hopefully eX0du5 will be able to sort it out for us.

Problems / Ogame Version 6.3.0
« Last post by andi-ki on 08 September 2016, 11:35:22 »

seit dem Update auf 6.3.0 geht das Einlesen der Galaxyansicht nicht mehr im Firefox. Kann das jemand bestätigen oder ist das nur bei mir so ?

Problems / Re: Raumdock
« Last post by eX0du5 on 20 July 2016, 20:53:28 »
Ich habe im Moment Schwierigkeiten auf den Testserver zu gelangen. Daher sagt mir "Raumdock" erst einmal gar nichts. Wenn es ein neues Gebäude ist, wird es bisher nicht untersützt und zeitlich sieht es auch sehr eng bei mir aus diesbezüglich :-(
Problems / Raumdock
« Last post by scorer on 20 July 2016, 04:54:36 »
Glaub Raumdock macht beim Einlesen aktuell schwierigkeiten. Wird da nachgebessert?
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