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Ideas / Re: change of status report?
« on: 21 March 2010, 16:35:38 »
hmmm.... after coffee kicked in... this would be nice but I guess it would be rather hard to implement... you'd have to (I don't program guessing) check the status of each record and compare it before you changed it

Ideas / change of status report?
« on: 21 March 2010, 16:17:08 »
If I scan (e.g.) galaxy 6... when I am done, is there a quick way I can find what has changed from the previous time I scanned galaxy 6 (who is new, who is gone, active, inactive, vacation, etc.)?

Ideas / Re: collect stats on people probing you
« on: 21 March 2010, 16:15:13 »
I do this "by hand" (copy eprobe scans into Excel). A bit inconvenient. Would be nice to automate that function.

Ideas / way to enter "not" functions...
« on: 03 March 2010, 18:52:54 »
I want to narrow down a list of (example) 100 hits  from a previous scan.

Perhaps you have a way to do this (but if you do, I don't see it).

Example, I have a list of 100 in galaxy 2, and I want to discard some.  I would like to have a way (example) from that list to then *not* see people who are banned.  Then (from that list, now say 90) *not* see anyone on vacation.

Query functions, in other words... maybe even from a "command line".

Problems / who's online idiosyncracies
« on: 03 February 2010, 18:07:54 »
noticed some "counting" irregularities...

that I am listed twice as is my partner (4 online), I know for certain that there is just one of me,  and I am not positive but I do not think my partner (the administrator) is online at all.

I also note that according to where I look, there is either 0 (zero) people in my alliance, or just one, though there are five, and the planets (when I look at the alliance tab) are listed as being in the alliance but there is still (same view) only zero or one person in the alliance.

Ideas / Re: more alliance functions?
« on: 30 January 2010, 21:16:28 »
What I suspect might be happening is there is no alliance tab for me to see- though I have five alliance members and though when I (search for) my alliance, they are displayed (pink) as members and they are tagged with the alliance name... when I look at them, though they are displayed as in my alliance, the number in the alliance =0.

And when I look at my status (pink & tagged with alliance name) the number = 1.

Perhaps where I am looking the tab does not exist for me because at least part of the database sees no other members.


Still like the idea of a dedicated space for alliance.

Ideas / Re: maybe a question or an idea...
« on: 30 January 2010, 19:37:09 »
Where I come from, there is nothing wrong with a good idea, no matter where it comes from, no matter if the user has been here for fifteen minutes or fifteen years.

And I come from software development, just so you know.

One thing I learned was:  people who use a software program learn to accommodate some of the shortcomings of the software program. They learn to click over here three times, or go to a menu that  is not intuitive, and they learn (unfortunately) to go past the problem rather than fix it.

As a technical writer, I would give my manual to people who never laid eyes on a program, and I would test my work to see my manual would steer them from the rocks and if they got stuck anywhere- they could go to my manual and get unstuck.

I cherished a fresh set of eyes but then I never put my ego in front of a project.

If you have a problem with fresh ideas from fresh eyes, and if you speak for Galaxytool, let me know.  I won't make another.

Ideas / maybe a question or an idea...
« on: 29 January 2010, 19:38:20 »
Is there a way (sorry if it is there and I haven't seen it) to share a minimum amount of information with (for example) another person or alliance without sharing everything... specifically, short of running a bot, it would be hard to populate this database and keep it current with a few members actively engage in the game... that we might tie up with someone else to share the status of individual sectors (and nothing else)-  I (or my alliance) for example would scan everything in G1 and someone else (with who I have no further allegiance or alliance) would do G2.

I know this is done elsewhere  and I am not trying to reinvent the wheel...

Ideas / Re: Database DL/ULs
« on: 29 January 2010, 18:42:40 »
I was just turned on to GT so am still populating it and finding tools. I use Excel and have that running so I try to find the easiest way to get data that doesn't involve me typing. The only thing I know of the host so far is the URL. I will look into it further.

My first step was to go to the host and look for the tool (not find it). My second step was to look to see where it would be typically(and from what I read, so I have two minutes time in this and I have never heard of it before) was it would be at the URL of  the server in its own directory, e.g.,  www.galaxytoolhostname/phpmyadmin/ (and that I would have to suppy user  name & password)

So... so far... no go

Ideas / Re: "user defined" types
« on: 29 January 2010, 18:35:10 »
I would like to attach note fields to the planets but understanding what it would cost in database terms...

There are icons to me that (as they are being used) are not useful (NAP, WAR, ALLIED)...  or... as used as I would use them (or... they would be more useful if I could attach more information, even if it were a simple rating to the existing icon).

A tag with a number or alphanumberic information that I could assign.  Most (let's say 90 percent)- they are not significant in any way. But maybe I have a best buddy who is in an alliance  with who I am not friendly with, or maybe I am getting eprobed by someone every day but who has not invaded me (what I would call an unfriendly but not hostile).

As a user- I am suggesting it would be a (database) field I could define or use as I want.

Ideas / Re: more alliance functions?
« on: 29 January 2010, 18:19:34 »
>You know how to search for an alliance, right?

Yes.  But suppose there was a tab that was "Your Alliance"? I search more frequently for my own members than others. I suggest it would warrant a "built in" function.

I click once and all my alliance members are there.  Perhaps they are listed in one view by how they are in the universe sequentially (G1-9) and perhaps I click on another view they are listed member 1 (G1-9), member 2(G1-G9).

If I want more information about one member, I click on that.

Ideas / Re: more alliance functions?
« on: 29 January 2010, 18:13:02 »
Let me give you an example:

Suppose I find a fat, juicy inactive trader who I would like to farm but he is a bit too far for me, or far away enough to be... inconvenient. Let's say he is in G5:124:5.  What the heck- let's make it a cluster of six planets in G5:124.

From the alliance tab (I will look at your first comment in a second)-  I would like to know who is range (comparatively),  e.g., maybe I am in G3:456, and I have partners who have planets in G6:05 or who cares where else... I would like to have the "relative range", so I can call two or three of partners who may be closer, that who are in a better position to harvest.

Or I just might want to know (without making the calculation) who among my partners is closest to me (maybe I want to borrow some resources).

Ideas / more alliance functions?
« on: 28 January 2010, 20:17:04 »
So... I humbly suggest (maybe it is here and I cannot find it)- more alliance functions, e.g., I want to see who is in my alliance and where they are at, and maybe where they are at compared to one another...

Perhaps I would go to an "alliance" tab and be able to view one member at a time (whatever information I have or he he posted)?

Perhaps I would want to view where people are at  from my place in the universe?

Ideas / Overall status... (status of status)
« on: 28 January 2010, 19:15:06 »
Is there a quick peak at the "overall status"-  what I see from "default" status is one galaxy at a time, I wonder if there is another way to know quickly what percentage of the (entire) universe has been scanned (e.g., listing of all nine with a one line display for each, and since you have plenty of room on the line maybe something  that indicates how fresh the updates were... (I don't know if this for uses tables,  sorry for format)

............................Amount scanned.....this week..... 10 days...... 30 days
Galaxy 1 .................100%................... 100% .........
Galaxy 2 .................90%......................40% ............40%..........10%.....
Galaxy 3 .................70%......................30% ............20%..........10%.....
Galaxy 4 .................50%......................23% ............20%..........10%.....
Galaxy 5 .................40%......................10% ............10%..........20%.....

Maybe also "participation", maybe you want some idea o f how much members participate...

Ideas / "user defined" types
« on: 28 January 2010, 18:28:54 »
so... I see I can flag the other traders according to "type" which most of use use (to a degree) such as noobie, enemy, friend (etc...) but... I wonder if (it seems to me) it would be useful to be able to assign our own "types" (or, at least, a subtype).

For example, there are many kinds of enemies (I would say you could even rate them according to your antipathy, e.g., 1-5, 1 being you are saving your money to hire someone to kill him/her, to 5 being... you just don't like him very much).

A more practical example would be- I find someone who I think would make a good farm, I would like to share that information with my alliance partners, but I would like to "claim" him as mine, e.g., suppose there are 5 planets in a sector and I would like to claim two of them, and my other partners would like to claim the others, and maybe we could "rate" the farms 1-5.

In other words... I would like to define the icons you use as I see fit.  Follow?

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