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Problems / Re: new install
« on: 04 October 2012, 00:35:53 »
You only have to go to GTOOLURL/install.php and do the installation steps...
config.php and attributes.php will be created during installation...

Ideas / Allow for greater customization to allies
« on: 07 March 2012, 23:29:06 »
Allow allies to add a logo on the header of Pages and/or Overview.
Allow to choose some links to add to left menu for all users.
Allow to choose a background image or color, can set the actual image as default.
Allow to choose a favicon and set a default favicon on instalation.
Allow to color user names in function of user activity or user contribution to db.
Allow to edit "getting started" area and or add to "galaxytool plugin information" the possibility to add a ogame universe URL.
Some of these modifications should be changed in administration tab.

P.d sorry for my bad english

Ideas / Feature: Possibility to choose some defaults.
« on: 07 March 2012, 23:16:09 »
Allow admins to choose some defaults like these:
-- Numer of rows in reports
-- Number of chars in messages of shoutbox
-- Number of matches per page in spionage reports
-- Number of matches per page in db search.

Add permision profiles like "regular user" with regular permisions, "admin" with all permisions, "manager" with power to optimize db... etc
Or chose in admin panel permisions defaults.

Sorry my english is so bad...

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