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Topic Summary

Posted by: RichardJic
« on: 14 July 2017, 13:47:33 »

Hallo zusammen,

Version 48.0.a gefallt mir sehr gut im Firefox, allerdings nervt Mozilla mehr und mehr, wie mit dem Signaturzwang fur Add-ons.
Deshalb migriere ich grade samtliche Firefox-Installationen zu Cyberfox.

Ich wurde mich freuen, wenn "de-ade" kunftig auch zu Cyberfox kompatibel ist

Viele Gru?e,
Ein Gast
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 04 January 2016, 13:01:57 »

Posted by: kurthustle
« on: 27 December 2015, 16:19:56 »

on german servers its still allowed. i asked a go. every script allowed in origin board is legal to use
Posted by: kurthustle
« on: 22 December 2015, 21:46:57 »

i hope they kidding me.

galaxytool was one of the best addons/tools for ogame for my personal use.

why the fuck they will ban it? :/
Posted by: Navhank
« on: 19 December 2015, 14:42:46 »

First of all, I'm glad to someone relpying this, thanks.

Well, I have a post from a SGO in the spanish board (I translated it under the image), replying to my question about this, and his response is that now it's not a legal script:


Me-.I'm not seeing Galaxytool in the list. Should I deduce, by not being updated, it has not passed the legalization process?

SGO-.Yes, it is.
Posted by: ImperatorMaximus
« on: 17 December 2015, 19:32:52 »

Just to be sure:

Yes, it isn't listed as in the new list of tolerated stuff because it work with all features and no feedback to the Origin Team.
But no GameOperator will ban you for using the galaxytool.


Posted by: Navhank
« on: 08 December 2015, 14:36:13 »

I love GalaxyTool, but I cannot use it anymore, because the Ogame Staff is considering all the non updated scripts like illegals.
Could you make an "update" in order to pass the "legality test"? I know that the script remains useful (I and my alliance still using it), but we are afraid of that permabans for using illegal scripts that have been hitting the servers those days.
Thanks in advance
Posted by: Kaloian
« on: 26 November 2015, 18:24:25 »

I hope you accept my advice about galaxytool. For easy install, just remove step 4, because this step in most of servers makes installation impossible. You can make it more simple, just with manual input of data. I hope you understand me even my very bad English.

Thank you.
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 22 November 2015, 20:42:58 »

The tool can already be downloaded and installed on own server.
But I do not find the time to fix the plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Maybe OmarHawk has time to do so, but I did not see him for quite some time too.
So the tool itself does not need a change as far as I can see, only the data to be submitted by the plugin needs to be adjusted / fixed.
Posted by: Kaloian
« on: 17 November 2015, 09:01:22 »

I and many other people plays only from PC, galaxytool is most useful thing that I and many of us uses all this years and I am sure that it will be shame to kill it. Even without changes galaxytool still collect data from galaxies and for scores. Only battle and spy reports are problem and I am sure that this can be fixed easy. I use my own server for long time and will hope that you will keep alive this great project. You can make galaxytool not free and with right instructions everyone who have own server could install all needed and use galaxytool but I still thing that with minimal correction even this version can work fine. You choose of course.
Regards from Bulgaria! 
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 26 October 2015, 21:58:32 »

Don't get me wrong! The Galaxytool has never been the tool to get rich ;-)
The adverts on the hosting server helped to reduce the costs of my hobby. And that was what made the Galaxytool what it is today. A hobby for me to work on new web technologies and try out different things.
I had a call with ImperatorMaximus (Antigame) yesterday and he explained OGame V6 to me. From what I understood, the old API will still remain and theforefore the Galaxytool should still work fine. V6 offers some new capabilities to fetch for example combat reports (there the toolbars may need adjustments) and derive some other information - but it requires a secret API key for the tool developer. As the galaxytool is publicly downloadable, I cannot ship the key and thus the functionality.
There is a workaround for this by adding a proxy server in between - which I would have to host. For those unfamiliar with a proxy: the Galaxytool would send all requests to my webserver and provide information to which OGame server the request should be forwarded. My server would then take this request, transform it into a request to the OGame server (incl. the secret key) and return the result to the Galaxytool that sent the original request. But the proxy server would be a single point of failure which would make ALL Galaxytool installations run against that single server which could mean a lot of load on the server.

So for me, it does not look too interesting to add V6 functionality to the Galaxytool.
Another thing that I noticed is that more and more functionality which has been provided by the Galaxytool in the first place is getting integrated into OGame. Nowadays it is a simple API request to get all positions of a player. In 2005 when the Tool got kicked off, there was nothing like this. And as far as I see/read/hear, OGame will also add more and more statistics into the game, making the Galaxytool more and more obsolete.
If you think differently, let me hear the key differentiatiors which you see.

And there are the mobile devices. Today, most people play OGame on a mobile device to have it with them all the time. It is only a question of time until an app will occur (my guess). Mobile browsers and the Apps are not extensible in ways like this could be done with Firefox and Chrome. Therefore the Galaxytool will get no data from ordinary players and can only rely on the public APIs.

I will not shut down the hosting for now. But I am not sure for how long I will keep them running if the Galaxytool usage continues to shrink for the above reasons.
The wiki page and downloads are on a different server that will remain anyways. But it would mean one has to host the Galaxytool individually.
Posted by: Great King Pat
« on: 26 October 2015, 16:48:51 »

Hello Omar,

I also am a HUGE fan of Galaxy Tool & would be lost without it. As such i would also be willing to contribute financially to it's continued existence.

Yours hopefully,
GKP (Uni &
Posted by: xdn75
« on: 26 October 2015, 00:40:06 »

I am very sad to read that we may not have an update for V6 of Ogame. I can completely understand the reasons, with the community shrinking and revenues/interest also.
However, I love this tool and my alliance depend on it. I may be willing to make a small monetary contribution/incentive if it would make any difference. My contribution alone would not make much difference, I am not rich :-(

Perhaps you could open this up to see if others are willing to make a monetary offer?
Not sure of the best place to do that these days. It could be on this forum, on Gameforge's forum (if it isn't breaking any rules) or perhaps even on a crowd funding site such as kickstarter?

Just a thought, but I really would like to see an update for V6 please.

Thunder Child (
Posted by: eX0du5
« on: 25 October 2015, 13:16:25 »

Kurze Antwort: Nein.

Lange Antwort: Ich habe erst heute davon erfahren, dass es eine Version 6 von OGame geben soll. Was das alles beinhaltet etc. kann ich noch gar nicht abschätzen. Mir fehlen schlicht die Informationen.
Wenn ich dann überblicken kann, welche Anpassungen nötig werden, kann ich mich erneut melden ob es eine Anpassung geben wird oder nicht. Das hängt vor allem vom Umfang ab...

In dem Zusammenhang habe ich mir meine Statistiken vom Webserver ( als auch der Browser-Plugins angesehen. Das Plugin hat ca. 7600 Installationen auf Chrome und 3900 auf Firefox. Vor 1-2 Jahren waren es in Summe noch ca. 30.000 tägliche Nutzer.
Auf dem Hostingserver sind nach dem Aufräumen aller inaktiven Tools auch nur noch 500 übrig. Bisher war der Stand immer zwischen 800 und 1000 aktiven Tools.
Das heißt für mich, dass das Interesse am Galaxietool nachgelassen hat. Ob es auch an OGame nachgelassen hat weiß ich nicht. Es sind aber immer weniger User daran interessiert das GT zu nutzen. Der Trend bei Google Adsense und Spenden ist auch stark rückläufig, was dazu führt, dass ich inzwischen sämtliche Serverkosten trage. Das sind dann so um die 600 Euro / Jahr. Vermutlich liegt es auch an den Werbeblockern, dass die Einnahmen so stark zurückgegangen sind.

Das alles wird irgendwie in die Entscheidung einfließen, ob und wie ich das Galaxietool anpassen werde.

Posted by: Baradock
« on: 17 September 2015, 00:41:30 »

Da nun der Termin immer näher rückt und die grobe Testphase abgeschlossen ist, es auch genügend Zeit zum testen für die Entwickler von Tools gab, würde ich gerne mal wissen wie der Stand der Dinge ist.

Wir das Galaxietool 6.xx tauglich sein?  :)